Welcome in ExportToCanoma world !

ExportToCanoma is a software that permits creation of Canoma 3DV models from a MicroStation DGN, Google SketchUp SKP and ArcView SHP file.

ExportToCanoma is completely FREE for all !

You can have it, sending an eMail to BobMaX ( exporttocanoma@gmail.com ) with the following object:


Welcome in ExportToCanoma world !

NEW July 3, 2006 :
(Version for Google SketchUp)

Insert the file ExportToCanoma.rb in your

C:\Program Files\Google\Google SketchUp\Plugins\

directory. You will have a new "ExportToCanoma" item in SketchUp>Plugins menu.
Selecting it, you can export in Canoma 3DV format the geometries in the
layer you have choose.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You need to create a directory C:\gis where will inserted
the translated files.

(Version 1.01 june, 14 2004)

ExportToCanoma is software that permits creation of Canoma 3DV models
from a MicroStation DGN and DWG/DXF model.


ExportToCanoma is now released in three versions:


You need to choose the correct one for you, depending of
your MicroStation version.

1) Copy the file "ExportToCanoma.ma" in your MicroStation "MDLAPPS"

C:\Win32app\ustation\mdlapps\ (for MicroStationSE)
C:\Bentley\Program\MicroStation\mdlapps\ (for MicroStationJ)
C:\Program files\Bentley\Program\MicroStation\mdlapps\ (for MicroStationV8)

2) Open your Dgn model in MicroStation

3) Type "MDL L ExportToCanoma" in MicroStation keyin:
.3DV file will be created in the same directory
and the same name of your DGN file

4) Enjoy the created 3DV model !

5) Send your image to Canoma Forum Site


- The viewPoint can be wrong in 3DV file: you must export with a camera
setting in view 1. If you can't see the model in Canoma, you must
to "search" it, rotating the "Trackball": in fact, model exists, but
only you are looking at wrong direction.

Best Regards

BobMax exporttocanoma@gmail.com

I need your debugging ! If you find any ExportToCanoma problem,
or if you have suggestions, they are welcomed !
Don't hesitate to send me mails !

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