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Welcome in ExportToCanoma world !

ExportToCanoma is FREE software that permits creation of Canoma 3DV models from a CAD or GIS file.

ExportToCanoma was born to build a bridge between traditional 3D Object Modeling and Canomas Photogrammetry.

Why load known geometries into Canoma ?

Because with a CAD model you can get a 2d city-plan, extrude the shapes with an arbitrary height and ExportToCanoma the volumes.
Then, in Canoma you can match real heights with photos.

Or, if you have just the heights, you can "only" get materials and textures from photos.

Another example? You can create the floorplan of your home with the Cad, with walls and windows, and then you can add the rendering of real photos inside Canoma.

You can use Canoma, also, only to find camera position and orientations from a series of photos.

So, now you Can ! From Cad to Canoma !

With ExportToCanoma !

To get ExportToCanoma, absolutely FREE, send an mail to BobMaX :

exporttocanoma at gmail dot com

with this subject:


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