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Welcome in ExportToCanoma world !

ExportToCanoma is FREE software that permits creation of Canoma 3DV models from a CAD or GIS file.

ExportToCanoma was born to build a bridge between traditional 3D Object Modeling and Canomas Photogrammetry.

Why load known geometries into Canoma ?

Because with a CAD model you can get a 2d city-plan, extrude the shapes with an arbitrary height and ExportToCanoma the volumes.
Then, in Canoma you can match real heights with photos.

Or, if you have just the heights, you can "only" get materials and textures from photos.

Another example? You can create the floorplan of your home with the Cad, with walls and windows, and then you can add the rendering of real photos inside Canoma.

You can use Canoma, also, only to find camera position and orientations from a series of photos.

So, now you Can ! From Cad to Canoma !

With ExportToCanoma !

To get ExportToCanoma, absolutely FREE, send an mail to BobMaX :

exporttocanoma at gmail dot com

with this subject:


Best Regards



Welcome in ExportToCanoma world !


 "Wow Roberto !

That is a huge effort although I must admit because of my lack of Italian I can only judge it quantitatively.
I am sure the quality is high too !

Isnt it amazing how much technology has changed in this area in the last 15 years ?
When we started on Canoma, we were literally just off the first digital cameras from Apple -
the Quicktake 150 which could take 20 or so 640x480 pictures on one set of AA batteries.

Meanwhile, we have drones at $1000 that can take 4K video ideal for object modeling
(fully automatic of course) and we are a small number of years away from widespread
Quanergy solid state lidars that can take accurate 3D models in real time in any
lighting condition, at 100m+ distance from drones.
Matterport looks pretty cool too !

And Tilman, my business partner, who took Canoma to Google where it became
Building Maker many years ago, is now extracting not just buildings,
but textures, terrain, trees etc. fully automatically into Google Earths database.

You are without a doubt the most committed fan of the original idea,
with all its faults, and I am really grateful for your enthusiasm and
work to "spread the word" !

All the best with the publication !"

Robert Seidl

ExportToCanoma is a software that permits creation of Canoma 3DV models from a MicroStation DGN, Google SketchUp SKP and ArcView SHP file.

ExportToCanoma is completely FREE for all !

You can have it, sending an eMail to BobMaX ( exporttocanoma@gmail.com ) with the following object:


Welcome in ExportToCanoma world !

NEW July 3, 2006 :
(Version for Google SketchUp)

Insert the file ExportToCanoma.rb in your

C:\Program Files\Google\Google SketchUp\Plugins\

directory. You will have a new "ExportToCanoma" item in SketchUp>Plugins menu.
Selecting it, you can export in Canoma 3DV format the geometries in the
layer you have choose.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You need to create a directory C:\gis where will inserted
the translated files.

(Version 1.01 june, 14 2004)

ExportToCanoma is software that permits creation of Canoma 3DV models
from a MicroStation DGN and DWG/DXF model.


ExportToCanoma is now released in three versions:


You need to choose the correct one for you, depending of
your MicroStation version.

1) Copy the file "ExportToCanoma.ma" in your MicroStation "MDLAPPS"

C:\Win32app\ustation\mdlapps\ (for MicroStationSE)
C:\Bentley\Program\MicroStation\mdlapps\ (for MicroStationJ)
C:\Program files\Bentley\Program\MicroStation\mdlapps\ (for MicroStationV8)

2) Open your Dgn model in MicroStation

3) Type "MDL L ExportToCanoma" in MicroStation keyin:
.3DV file will be created in the same directory
and the same name of your DGN file

4) Enjoy the created 3DV model !

5) Send your image to Canoma Forum Site


- The viewPoint can be wrong in 3DV file: you must export with a camera
setting in view 1. If you can't see the model in Canoma, you must
to "search" it, rotating the "Trackball": in fact, model exists, but
only you are looking at wrong direction.

Best Regards

BobMax exporttocanoma@gmail.com

I need your debugging ! If you find any ExportToCanoma problem,
or if you have suggestions, they are welcomed !
Don't hesitate to send me mails !